Ming’s Environmental Illness Practice

Ming follows the Surviving Mold protocol strictly.  She  recommends that you start with the online VCS screening for $15 on the Surviving Mold website to see if you fail the screening as this would be an indicator that you likely have CIRS. It is possible that you could pass and still have CIRS.

If you do not pass (positive result on the test) take a look at the treatment protocol on the Surviving Mold website for more details about what is involved.

Please remember that as a licensed acupuncturist, it is not part of Ming’s scope of practice to prescribe the prescription medications that are a part of the protocol; however, she can order all necessary lab work and guide you through the protocol just like any other certified practitioner. Consequently, it will be necessary for her to work with your doctor or help you find a doctor in order for you to receive the necessary prescriptions.  Most of the necessary labwork is generally covered by insurance.

Ming’s fees are not covered by insurance unless you wish to integrate acupuncture into your treatment plan and have a plan that covers acupuncture, in which case there may be partial coverage.  She doesn’t belong to a network.  If  you are interested in proceeding further, please email her at ming@holisticresonancecenter.com  or leave her a message on her private voicemail at 858-222-3427 and she will call you to discuss fees.

Ming’s detailed biography is on the Surviving Mold website.